Imitating Art's Rob & Nell, the new Nick & Nora Charles?

Imitating Art will be available to download exclusively on Kindle in a few weeks time. It's a bit of strange one. I see it as an ode to all those TV cop shows of the seventies, where an oddball/quirky couple solve the crimes. I would even say it could go back as far as the thirties and the Thin Man films with William Powell and Myrna Loy - they don't make them like that anymore! A bit of antagonism between the leading man and leading lady, a lot of romance and a feelgood ending after a caper of sorts to find a missing ex-husband and daughter. I don't see this as a one off - like the Harts and Nick and Nora Charles, there is definitely lots of mileage in Nell and Rob's relationship - with lots more stories to come - so watch this space!

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