New Book Under Construction

I'm well on to finishing my new novel, entitled Imitating Art. It is another chicklit (don't worry I will be returning to YA), and for once there isn't anything supernatural or other worldly in it. It's a caper of sorts. A beautiful Hitchcock-esque woman writes a best selling book after her husband leaves her for a younger model. The ex-husband then goes missing in similar circumstances to the husband in the book, so enter a drop dead gorgeous policeman, whom the heroine hates on sight, and whom she ends up on a road trip with when her daughter goes missing too! I'm having a lot of fun with this one, and I do like the chemistry between the two leads and the twelve year old daughter with a thirty year old head on her shoulders! I was thrilled with the reception Meaning to Be received, so fingers crossed, this one will be as popular!

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