Meaning To Be Out Now

Everything's meant to be, right?

Sailor Donovan thinks that everyone is master of their own destiny, and there's no such thing as fate.

Ellie Harvey is about to marry the man of her dreams, so why does she keep crying all the time?

Jamie Farrell's wife has just left him for another man, and desperate to get her back, the last thing he's looking for is love.

Overhearing Ellie arguing with her fiance, Sailor Donovan decides to step in and rescue her from what he believes will be a disatrous marriage. Using information he has gleaned from the argument, he pretends to be psychic, and 'reads' Ellie's palm, telling her that she is marrying the wrong man. This reading sets in motion a series of events that changes everybody's lives - Sailor's included.

Can fate be engineered? Or is someone on high playing a giant chess game with us?

Meaning To Be is a sparkling romance that dazzles like a summer's day on the beach.

#romance #psychic #palmistry #love #story

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