The liberation of the indie writer by Amazon & Create Space

One of the worst things I was ever told, was a few years ago by my literary agent, who had been trying to sell a manuscript of a children's book I'd written. She had so much faith in it, and I had a track record of being a published writer for many years in magazines, so we thought we'd got it pretty much nailed on.

However, on being rejected by yet another extremely famous, large publishing house, my agent got a bit frustrated, and because she knew the editor who had rejected it, asked them to cut the bulls**t and tell her why they wouldn't publish it.

The editor's answer both horrified and depressed both of us. This was it;

"We're not prepared to take risks on unknown authors when we know we can sell books by celebrities, written by ghost writers."

And at that time the UK market was absolutely flooded by celebrity authors, because let's face it everybody has a book in them, even if they didn't write it themselves to begin with!

That is why I'm all for the growing Indie Publishing market. And for companies like Amazon who have made it so easy for anyone who has a story to tell to get it out there in the marketplace. Okay, maybe not everyone has a good story to tell, or the ability to tell it, but there are still writers out there who haven't had the lucky break they should have, but can now use the platform of indie publishing, social networking, blogging and setting up their own very professional looking websites for very little cost.

It's very liberating to cock a snook at the big guns, and not have to wait for the inevitable rejection letter or email to once more burst that effervescent bubble of hope, but more importantly it's fantastic having book lovers actually getting to read the brain children of your imagination, instead having reams of impotent manuscripts gathering dust in a drawer, long forgotten.

All power to the Indie Publisher!

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