I'll try to keep you updated on anything that's happening with my books - hopefully good things!

Imitating Art out now!

Imitating Art is now available exclusively on Kindle.  Featuring a new romantic detective duo; novelist Nell Flanagan and handsome police detective Rob Parsons, this is how it all began!

When Nell's ex-husband goes missing in similar circumstances to the husband in her novel, and then her twelve year old daughter is kidnapped, she finds herself on the road with the last person she would want help from - the dashing police officer whom she hated on sight! 

Sparks fly between the pair, but inevitably Rob and Nell are drawn together as their search continues.

Following a long tradition of detective duos such as Nick and Nora Charles, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart and perhaps the best bromance of all time - Dave Starsky and Ken Hutchinson, Imitating Art sizzles like the best flirtatious banter!

Charlie in Paper Print


For those of you who don't own a Kindle, or prefer to read the good, old fashioned way, you'll be pleased to know that Charlie will be available to buy from Amazon in paper book form very soon! The proof copies have arrived, which is exciting, and they're pretty good!

Gone Too Soon - a new Aggie Greenwood Story


I'm still working away like mad on the latest instalments of Aggie's adventures, Gone Too Soon. You'll be pleased to know that things are going well for Aggie, she's still going out with her lovely boyfriend, Rob, and Raoul is still the best ghostly sidekick in the world.


However, she's in for a shock in this story, when her nightmares become reality, and she is forced to work with a particularly unpleasant spirit, who in her own words is 'gone too soon'.


This will be out in eBook format to begin with, and then in print in anthology with The Ghosts Around Me. I will let you know when this new novella is available.