So here are my books - the children of my imagination! A good place to start is with Charlie, which is available as both an eBook and a printed book. If you like good, young adult fiction, then please read on.

Imitating Art

Don't get mad - write a book about it! 

Well not IT exactly, but writing a book is what Nell Flanagan did to get over her philandering husband Patrick, leaving her for a younger model. An exercise that started out as therapy, but ended up with her becoming an International best selling author. Things are looking up at last, until events start happening in real life that start mirroring events in Nell's book.When Patrick goes missing in similar circumstances to the husband in her novel, Nell finds herself under the scrutiny of handsome Detective Sergeant Rob Parsons, whom she labels with the same womanising brush as her husband, particularly when he tries to flirt with her during questioning. And then when her twelve year old daughter, Laurel, is kidnapped, Nell finds herself on the road south with the last person on earth she would want help from - the handsome police officer himself!Imitating Art is a romantic caper introducing a new detective duo that sizzles like the best flirtatious banter!



Boys are boys no matter how dead or alive they are.


Spending a long hot, blistering summer away from her boyfriend in the fading splendour of Weldrake Manor, Dora Greenwood finds herself the victim of unwanted attention from another boy - one who died nearly a century ago.


Charlie Kendrick hasn't kissed a girl in decades, but being a ghost doesn't stop him from setting his sights on Dora.


Dora's only way out is to solve a mystery surrounding Charlie's death, and the disappearance of a priceless necklace, which will then send him to the Light.


'Fantastically written book which had me gripped from the very beginning. The author created perfect imagery of both the characters and the scenes which made it so real and easy to read. The twist at the end was unexpected but a super way to end, hopefully ready for the sequel! A romantic, scary and funny book all in one.'

The Ghosts Around Me

An Aggie Greenwood Story (novella)

First love never dies. It flourishes in our hearts and minds growing in importance as the years pass by turning into something beautiful and forever young - a fragment in time that means more today than it ever did back then.


Aggie Greenwood is fourteen years old and psychic. She has a best friend in the physical world and a best friend in the spiritual world, who protects her from the ghosts that are constantly trying to make contact with her as a bridge between their realm and the real world. School is the one place she feels normal as everyone is too young to know many people who have passed on, and there is only one ghost who haunts it. The ghost of a sixteen year old girl from the 1970s, who doesn't ever seem to want to leave school. Aggie is careful not to get herself noticed by this ghost girl, as the last thing she wants is her safe haven of school interfered with, but when they both start vying for the affections of the same boy, the game is up and she finds herself in real danger.


'A fantastic sequel to 'Charlie'. Yet again left me feeling emotional and wanting to read more. A brilliant short story which keeps you gripped!'


Gone Too Soon

An Aggie Greenwood Story (Novella)



Aggie Greenwood is woken from a nightmare, except the terrifying woman who haunted her dreams, barges into her waking hours to haunt those too.


Zoe is furious, and in her own words she's, 'gone too soon'. She wants vengeance, and she wants Aggie to get it for her. Aggie finds herself in an impossible situation - one, which even Raoul can't protect her from, as Zoe is determined to make Aggie's life hell until she proves who murdered her.




Serenade of Sirens


Is it The Blue House that is haunted or the piano that sits in The Blue House untouched for thirty years since the death of its owner?


Singer songwriter Sam Fletcher has writer's block. Burnt out and in need to get away from it all he rents The Blue House to try and get some inspiration back.But the beautiful house that overlooks the ocean isn't the tranquil haven it first appeared to be. Is he going mad or is the owner of the piano trying to make contact with him?


This is a short story of about 11,000 words. Available only for Kindle.