More Complications in Time Travel

So I'm over half way through writing REEL TIME and I made the brave decision to start putting it out there in weekly chapters first on, which means I now have a deadline to get it finished by. Chapter 2 has just gone live, and so there's no going back now - except in time of course (excuse the pun)!In the past I've always shied away from writing in first person and getting into the complications of time travel, so what's made me do it now?It's getting that idea that suddenly bursts into a whole myriad of other ideas within that idea - an exciting new alternate universe with characters that suddenly popped into my head whom I know as well as myself.I got the idea for REEL TIME a couple of years ago, and it's taken me this long to get it properly underway, because time travel stories do have their complications. I made mine even more complicated by adding a murder mystery to it - something else I'd never done before, and on top of that a romance between two protagonists whom hate the sight of each other, yet on the flip side are ripe for falling in love with each other too, making for the kind of sparky, flirtatious banter I love!

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Time Travel Just Got Complicated

My new YA novel REEL TIME is a time travel, murder mystery romance. Becky Robinson has always hated Mackenzie Reagan ever since they first met when they were six years old. Thrown together on a college project to interview an old horror movie star who went to jail for the murder of an actor at a party, they suddenly find themselves not only at each other's throats, but sent back in time to the 1950s. Paul Wolfstead has always maintained his innocence, and now it seems Becky and Mack have a way to prove it by going back to the night of the infamous party.

REEL TIME is proving to be an absolute head scrambling delight to write, with yet another sparky couple who love to hate each other and the added thrill of piecing together an enthralling murder mystery.


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