I'll never forget the moment I received my first acceptance letter - it was for a short story about a bride on her wedding day who took exception to a song her groom requested for their first dance without telling her. She instantly regretted marrying him, because of it, and behaved like a bit of a spoilt brat, yet it was based on a true story - something I witnessed at a friend's wedding. I was so glad of that moment of madness on my friend's part, because it opened a door for me - a door, which up until that point had been littered with rejection slips (the friend btw is still happily married).

They say there are only seven basic plot lines, but it still amazes me how even just overhearing a snatch of conversation can suddenly spring an untold story into life, making it grow like Jack's beanstalk with each tendril of narrative threading its way through the pages with almost a life of its own!

So what else do you want to know about me? My family and my dogs are my world. I love movies, especially old ones and when I write I see everything playing out in my head like a film. I read a lot of YA novels, as well as write them. There should be no age limit to a good story - one of my favourite books of all time is The Secret Garden. I watch far too much reality TV, game shows (I wish I was brave enough to apply for Tipping Point!) and repeats of Game of Thrones.

My last book that was published was Reel Time - a time travel murder mystery, romance - yes three genres in one! I then wrote about a girl who thought she was a mermaid, and then a book about her sister - these will be published soon.

And last of all I've just completed my first ever steam punk novel The Craven Dove, which features a kick-ass lady aristocrat in a tale of stolen identity and murder, featuring a travelling fair, a lady balloon parachutist, a vicious horse with a mind of its own, a whole cavalcade of colourful carnies and a fairground organ that shoots missiles!